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My Role

My role as an independent insurance advisor is to provide advice and guidance on insurance products and services to my clients. I help clients understand their insurance needs, evaluate their options, and make informed decisions about which insurance policies to purchase.

My role includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Assessing client needs: I will assess a client's insurance needs by taking into account factors such as their financial situation, assets, liabilities, and family structure. This information is used to help determine the type and amount of insurance coverage that is appropriate for the client.

  2. Recommending policies: Based on the client's needs and budget, I will recommend insurance policies that best meet their needs. I have access to insurance products from a variety of insurance companies, and can compare and contrast these products to help my clients find the right policy for their needs.

  3. Explaining coverage: I explain the coverage provided by each policy, including the policy's benefits, exclusions, and limitations. I also explain the policy's costs and how the policy fits into the client's overall financial plan.

  4. Providing ongoing service: I provide ongoing service to my clients, including regular policy reviews, updates on changes in the insurance industry, and assistance with claims and other policy-related issues.

  5. Maintaining impartiality: I am not affiliated with a specific insurance company. This allows me to provide impartial advice and recommendations that are in the best interest of their clients.

Overall, as an independent insurance advisor I play an important role in helping clients make informed decisions about their insurance needs and I help them choose the right insurance products to meet those needs.

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Nicole Marques


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