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Group Benefits

A group benefits plan helps employees cover the cost of things that provincial health care plans may not pay for, including certain prescription drugs, dental, hospital, vision, paramedical and ambulance services. You can also combine your group benefits plan with a retirement and savings plan to help your employees reach their financial and retirement goals. 

Why offer a benefits plan?

Benefits for your employees

  • Employees can get coverage at a reduced cost compared to most personal plans 

  • Help protect your employees and their family’s health

  • Help reduce financial stress if something happens

Benefits for your company

  • Help improve morale and increase productivity 

  • Can be less expensive than providing salary increases as there are no additional increases in CPP, EI or Workers’ Compensation rates

  • Premiums paid on group benefits can be written off as a business expense

  • Maintain a competitive edge in the job market

  • Attract and keep key employees 

Types of Group benefits

Base benefits

  • Prescription drugs

  • Dentalcare

  • Disability programs

  • Life, critical illness and accident insurance

Specialty benefits

  • Health care spending accounts

  • Expats or new to Canada insurance

  • Benefits for retirees or self-employed

  • Emergency medical coverage and travel assistance


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